A handcrafted RTS experience for consoles!

Play as a powerful Greek god to dominate the battlefield. Build your base, command your army, and lead them to victory while you ravage the battlefield.


Please note that Divine Commander has been cancelled

Get your RTS experience anytime, anywhere! Divine Commander is an Action-RTS (Real Time Strategy) game that is handcrafted from the ground up with all platforms in mind. By mixing Action elements with Real Time Strategy, players can get the core RTS experience on their couch without the need for tedious micromanagement.

Most of RTS games on consoles are gimped down versions of the full experience or just bad ports that lose many things that make these games fun. This means that millions of players do not have access to a handcrafted RTS experience. Divine Commander fills in this gap that is missing in the console market.


In Divine Commander players have the option to play a classic style RTS with a commander mode. Expand your base, control units and make tactical decisions to take down your opponents! Besides the commander mode, you can also  take control of a mighty god to charge with your troops and join the action yourself!  Both these modes are designed in its best form for every platform.


Please note that Divine Commander has been cancelled