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Salty Lemon Entertainment is the Most Promising Startup Studio of the Year

Antwerp, Belgium On October 1, Salty Lemon Entertainment was awarded the title of Most Promising Startup Studio of the Year at the Belgian Game Awards 2021. The award show was held online and featured the main categories Studio, Game, and Esports. “We’re honored and thrilled to have won, especially as our indoor rowing app EXR has just been released”, says CEO Alfred Campenaerts. By winning the title, Salty Lemon Entertainment solidifies its place in the gaming industry.

The yearly Belgian Game Awards place the spotlight on innovative agitators in the national gaming industry. To get nominated for the Most Promising Startup Studio of the Year award, studios have to present themselves in front of 7 jurors. “When we applied for the nomination, we were busy concluding the beta phase of our latest project: EXR – The app that makes indoor rowing fun. We had – and still have – big plans, yet convincing the jury of our studio’s and EXR’s value as a sports app that uses gamification was challenging”, explains founder and CFO Keke Kokelenberg. “That’s why winning feels all the better: Thanks to the award, we feel reassured that EXR and the studio itself have a bright future.”

The Belgian game development studio Salty Lemon Entertainment was founded in 2018 by 4 friends. The Antwerp-based studio is supported by among others, Imec.istart and DAE Studios as its focuses on the convergence of technological innovation and passion for sports.

Curious? Take a look at Salty Lemon Entertainment’s website  or visit EXR’s homepage.

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Get on board Salty Lemon Entertainment’s innovative indoor rowing app EXR

Antwerp, Belgium – On September 9, Belgian start-up Salty Lemon Entertainment launched its indoor rowing app EXR. “The diverse training methods and exceptional visuals create a new indoor rowing experience”, says world indoor rowing champion Ward Lemmelijn. EXR’s immersive virtual environments and its combination of gamification with performance-oriented components are ingredients for success as EXR has already gained an audience in more than 60 countries.

Indoor rowing is a popular workout among fitness fans, competitive athletes, and rowers where fun often comes second. This makes the new app EXR a game changer. The name of the application is derived from the English term “exercise game” – and that’s exactly what it’s all about: With every stroke on the rowing machine, users move their virtual rowing boats through captivating 3D environments. For example, they pass by idyllic mountain landscapes or row on Boston’s Charles River. EXR rewards top performances with high placements on leaderboards or coins which rowers spend on obtaining in-game items such as boats. Such gamification elements invite users to row longer and more often. Additional features such as training schedules, challenges, and performance analyses motivate rowers to also train harder. 


Focus on user experience 

“We put user experience at the center during EXR’s development,” explains CEO Alfred Campenaerts. He is the brother of world hour record holder Victor Campenaerts and therefore knows how important customized training is. “Thanks to the enthusiastic rowers who had a look around EXR during its beta phase, we were able to develop an app that’s tailored to their needs. As a result, EXR appeals to beginners and rowing champions alike.”


Free Trial

Compared to other rowing apps, the focus shifts from coaching to customizable workouts. Additionally, the setup is simple: To start a workout, users connect a rowing machine to a smartphone, tablet, or computer that runs EXR. Since September 9, the app is available for Android, iOS, and Windows and comes with a 5-day free trial. Afterward, users can continue training with a paid EXR subscription.