Salty Lemon Entertainment offers customized virtual business solutions! We are available for all kinds of services. Do you want to visualise something in 3D, or want an eye-catcher for your company's upcoming expo in the form of a virtual reality application?


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Illustration support Vyncke

Vyncke passport
Vyncke Background
Passport Inside

Vyncke was looking for support to complete their yearly Global Activity Report. This report was made to look like a passport. Salty Lemon provided a background illustration where different buildings from Vyncke around the world were composed to look like a city. Additionally we helped out with the individual elements of the passport like stamps and Visa backgrounds.

3D visualisation Hip replacement 

Hip operation part 1
Hip operation part 2
Hip operation part 3
Hip operation part 4

HEUP.NET was looking for a way to visualise their new Hip replacement technique called SPRINT to their customers. Salty Lemon provided a 3D visualisation that explains the workflow of the technique

Educational enviroment game

Screenshot enviroment game Gent 1
Screenshot enviroment game Gent 2
Screenshot enviroment game Gent 3

On behalf of Stad Gent, we made a prototype for an education game to teach children aged 9 - 12 how to better take care of the environment. This was done through certain assignments like switching off the light or turn down the heat, after which they could play a minigame.